Heatran Raid Counters

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Heatran is the brand new Pokemon to take the throne in Pokemon Go Raids, here are the best Heatran raid counters.

Heatran is a legendary Pokemon from the Sinnoh Region, making it a Gen 4 Pokemon. It is a Fire and Steel Pokemon

Best Heatran Raid Counters

Better Heatran Raid Counters

Good Heatran Raid Counters


  • Fighting
  • Ground
  • Water
Strong Against
  • Bug
  • Fairy
  • Grass
  • Ice
  • Poison
  • Steel
  • Dragon
  • Flying
  • Normal
  • Psychic
  • December 18th to January 15th.
  • Boosted by Sunny and Snow Weather
  • Captured CP Ranges from 2058 to 2145, when weather boosted (Sunny and Snow) it goes up to 2573-2681.
Heatran Moveset
  • Fire Spin and Bug Bite
  • Fire Blast, Stone Edge, and Iron Head
Recommended Party Sizes
  • High-Level Trainers – 3 to 7
  • Low-Level Trainers – 8 to 20

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