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*This is a limited time challenge and only last for a few days! We suggest that you do these first so that you can get the rewards

-68Days 00Hours -3Minutes -16Seconds


  • UNLOCKED (8.1.19): Play matches with a friend (3)
  • UNLOCKED (8.2.19): Eliminations from closer than 5 meters (2)
  • UNLOCKED (8.3.19): Use the B.R.U.T.E in different matches (5)
  • LOCKED: Apply shields (500)
  • LOCKED: Deal damage to opponents from below (500)
  • LOCKED: Search Chests at Dusty Depot or Pleasant Park (7)
  • LOCKED: Visit Snobby Shores and Shifty Shafts in the same match


  • Complete any 1 objective: 10 Battle Stars*
  • Complete any 2 objectives: 500 XP
  • Complete any 3 objectives: B.R.U.T.E Squad Loading Screen (Uncommon)
  • Complete any 4 objectives: 10 Battle Stars*
  • Complete any 5 objectives: 1,000 XP
  • Complete any 6 objectives: 10 Battle Stars*
  • Complete all 7 objectives: 2,000 XP

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