Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is in the process of being updated to version 2.5.0. Read below for updates from our development team:

New Features

Wizarding Challenges:

  • Added a new Chamber Lobby experience! If you join a Chamber with other players, you can now tap Ready to let your teammates know you are ready to join the fight! Likewise, you will now see when other players are ready to start the Challenge. As a solo player, you can now skip pass the start timer by tapping Start and being dropped straight into the Chamber!


  • Greenhouses now always provide Spell Energy along with Ingredients

Photo Mode:

  • Added photo mode for the Golden Snitch Foundable


  • When using Dawdle Draught, you will now see a pop up when the Potion prevented an Encounter from fleeing

Ministry ID Portrait:

  • House-specific items will now be grouped together. Tap on the Gryffindor House items to see items for the other Hogwarts Houses. Items rewarded from events will now be grouped together


  • Added “Download Essential Assets” to the settings menu for users with limited device storage. Choosing this option will download some of the game assets ahead of time but will not download all the game assets. Removed the badge (red dot) from Download All Assets in Settings 

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue with Potion Brewing Queue slots disappearing after collecting a Potion and immediately attempting to brew another Potion


  • Fixed an issue with the “Friends Listed 1: Have 1 Friend in Your Friends List” Achievement not appearing completed immediately after getting the Achievement

Ministry ID:

  • Fixed an issue with a player’s Portrait becoming inverted when taking a photo in the Ministry ID

This update may take several hours to appear on the App StoreGoogle Play, or the Galaxy Store; keep an eye out to see when the update is available for you to download.

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-The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite team

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