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Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker Update Version 1.13

In this update, Tsunade has been added, New Ninjutsu and Weapons added, New Customization parts added, Rebalanced Ninjutsu, Improved Red & White battles, Expanded demo features, and Fixed minor bugs.

Bandi Namco has released 1.13 for Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi Striker for PS4, PC and Xbox One, and here are the patch notes! 

Version 1.13

  • New VR masters added
  • New Ninjutsu and Weapons added
  • New Customization parts added
  • Rebalanced Ninjutsu
  • Improved Red & White battles
  • Expanded demo features
  • Fixed minor bugs

The following Ninjustus have been adjusted. (Translated using Google Translate from Japanese)

【Sonic type】
▼ Kenoha flash
– Added guard break effect
– Reduced ninjutsu reuse time

【Guardian type】
▼ Ren
– shortening rigidity after drawing

▼ Shiki Hibiki
– Adjust so that the art will be easier to hit until the end

▼ Reinforcement of soil, pole bomb
– Strengthened to hit opponents using “Ninjutsu Earthquake / Submarine Diving”

▼ Ultra Doubling Technique
– Strengthened to hit opponents using Ninjutsu “Soil Release / Submarine Diving”

【Healing type】
▼ Cherry Blossoms Improved
to hit opponents who use Ninjutsu “Soil release / submarine dive”

▼ Red Sky Rain
– Strengthened to hit opponents using “Ninjutsu Earthquake / Submarine Diving”

▼ Shadow mimicry technique
– reduce activation time

▼ Shadow stitching technique
– reduce activation time

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